Our Blaster Machine

INTELBLAST is a manufacturer of cleaning equipment for the blasting industry. With 15-years of experience in designing and manufacturing dry ice blasters, we offer well-tested equipment that is being market today in more than 30 countries.

All components that are not manufactured by us are supplied from international top suppliers like Festo, Siemens and Schneider etc. With wide range of equipment we have affordable solutions to all applications.

Industrial Application

Dry ice blasting cover a wide range of cleaning applications

  • Food manufacturer
  • Printing factory
  • Automotive industry
  • Foundries

  • Plastic molding
  • Electrical component
  • Power generator
  • Historic restoration 

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Automotive Application

A Safe and Deep Cleaning with "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

Dry ice blasting is the most effective cleaning solution for automotive assembly robots & equipment as well as a passenger or commercial vehicle engine.

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